Gail N. Chapman School Climate Initiative
Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

Gail N. Chapman Elementary School has three expectations that we expect everyone in our school to abide by. We call these expectations the Honor Code.
  • Respect everyone and everything
  • Be responsible
  • Be safe
It is our goal to make the understanding of the Honor Code as clear and easy for children as possible. To help, we have developed a matrix to outline what these expectations look like in various places in the school. In a positive manner, the matrix tells children what to do and how to behave in order to live by the Honor Code. Each teacher will use these behavior expectations as a guide. Rules will be established throughout the classroom, cafeteria, hallway, bus, bathroom, and playground. As you walk through our building, you will notice the Honor Code and some portions of the matrix posted in areas around the school.
To assist us in our school climate initiative we have adopted the PBIS system which is a proactive, school-wide approach that emphasizes:

  • Team-based problem solving
  • Instructional approaches to behavior and classroom management
  • School-wide participation and staff support
  • Creates a common school culture
The goal of PBIS is to develop and maintain a safe learning environment in school where teachers teach and students learn.

The most important piece of the program is teaching the expectations. As with any job, position, activity or place, one needs to know what is expected within that setting in order to be successful. If students know what is expected from every classroom and/or area in the school because it is the same no matter where she or he goes, they will have no question of how they are to behave. Children will follow an expected behavior no matter if you have created it or if they are the ones creating the expectation. So much more can be accomplished in a day when those expectations are conducive with our academic goals.

Cardinal Card Ticket
Another component of the PBIS system is the use of consistent, positive reinforcement to celebrate students’ success with the Honor Code. Cardinal Cards will be given out as part of an acknowledgement/ reinforcement system. All staff members who observe students following our Honor Code can issue a Cardinal Card ticket. We expect that ALL children should be receiving tickets for demonstrating good behavior. Students can earn tickets in all areas of the school (classroom, cafeteria, hallway, bus, etc.) and from all staff members. Research shows that positive reinforcement is one of the ways to not only change problematic behavior, but also to encourage and maintain appropriate behavior.

Parents/Guardians can support us in our efforts by discussing the Honor Code and the matrix with their children.

Cool Tools
One of the most important aspects of the PBIS system is that behavioral skills and expectations are taught directly to students. This way, children know exactly what is expected of them and how they are to behave. Regularly, teachers will use what we call Cool Tools to teach and reinforce expectations with their students. During the first few weeks of school, all children will be taught Cool Tools that will directly impact our cafeteria, hallways, and busses.

Office Discipline Referral Forms

Even with teaching children our expectations, offering pre-corrections or reminders for the expected behaviors, and our positive reinforcement system, unfortunately some children will misbehave. For those instances, we have designed an office discipline referral for (ODR). This form is aligned to the district’s Code of Conduct and divides infractions into minor and major behaviors. This form helps teachers be more consistent not only with reinforcing the Honor Code, but also taking corrective action when children have disobeyed the rules.

Before the ODR is filled out, teachers will try to manage the situation through regular classroom management. If the teacher is unable to do so, an ODR will be written. After the 3rd minor offense, the ODR becomes a major. At that point, the form is sent to the office. Parents will be notified immediately if there is a major offense. If children commit minor offenses, teachers will in most instances choose to contact parents directly.

Our goal is to teach children replacement behaviors, what they need to do instead, so that all children can work in a school environment that is safe, fun, free from distraction and bullying, and allows all children to reach their maximum learning potential.

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